“Made in Italy”

Holidolls knows that glamour and quality go hand-in-hand. Each swimsuit is made in the heart of Florence, using always the best fabrics and the secret crafts of the Italian artisans.

Holidolls is a real “made in Italy” brand. A collection starts from the traditional system of research of the best Italian fabrics atelier, where just the premium materials
are provided. The materials are selected by our Head Designer and tailored by
the artisans for our Holidolls girls. Through the craftsman work, we provide high-end standards of quality using the Italian classical and innovative techniques. We believe that the “Made in Italy” label represents several core values: excellence, quality, design and luxury. Every Holidolls article has been given the individual handmade touch by adding embellishments to create extraordinary unique pieces.


We are running a crowdfunding campaign because we think that the real artisanal “Made in Italy” is slowly disappearing. Currently, brands began competing against each other for the market share by introducing more lines per year at lower costs.
At Hollidolls, instead, our priority is to create high-quality products in order to give the best luxury experience to our clients. We believe in the “slow fashion” movement
of designing, creating, and buying to provide a higher quality service and timeless

At the moment people are used to the “see now-buy now” method, in which
the availability of buying garments directly from the runways is immediate.
We believe that slow fashion encourages the slower production of tailor-made pieces and is a synonym of high-end quality and timeless swim-gerie; as Holidolls is a hand beaded and handmade brand we want to offer the best quality and products to our clients.
Our goal is to create pieces that can be in your family for generations.

From Holidolls we truly believe that by adding transparency about our production process and educating customers to the craft process of clothes making, they will begin to understand what is required to produce a luxury handmade garment.






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