Silver Week

Holidolls is pleased to introduce to you our silver collection inspired by the most wonderful beach venues around the world. Each swimsuit is made in the heart of Florence. Holidolls works with the best dressmakers to create perfect handmade and hand-beaded pieces. All our swimsuits are made with gems, embellishments and Swarovski crystals.

We design exclusive swimgerie ready to wear as if you have to assist to a pool party as if you have planed a night out. We believe that with Holidolls swimsuits you can make your perfect look.

This Holidolls silver week consists of two bikinis and two one-pieces.



Sardinia Classic

This is a two-piece swimsuit hugely inspired by Sardinia one of the most wonderful island in the Mediterranean Sea. Sardinia bikini combines different sizes of gems and Swarovski crystal creating this exclusive and beautiful piece. This design features dainty silver tone tie ends that add the perfect final touch to this captivating set. As all Holidolls designs, the Sardinia bikini has been hand-made and hand-beaded using always the best quality fabrics.



Mykonos Classic

This two-piece bikini represents what Mykonos is: elegant, chic and classic. This swimsuit is expertly handmade and beaded in the heart of Italy, Florence. It has been encrusted with silver crystals and gems always using different sizes to create the perfect contrast. The Mykonos bikini has been made using a choice of premium skin tone and is lined in the bottoms for added support and comfort. This magnificent bikini feels and looks amazing against the skin.


St Tropez Classic

The Saint Tropez one-piece is one of the sexiest bikinis in our collection. This swimsuit is elegance, class and style. Using traditional techniques, this swimsuit has been fully hand-beaded and hand lined to perfection. This one-piece sumptuous bikini features a plunging neckline along with middle strap and cuts out sides for a sexy and fierce look.


 Ibiza Classic

This one-piece is highly influenced by Ibiza, one of the most famous and glamorous islands in Spain. Ibiza swimsuit is made using traditional techniques and has been fully hand-beaded and hand lined to perfection. This exclusive one-piece is also encrusted with silver crystal and Swarovski elements. Wearing the Ibiza Classic one-piece is going to make you feel incredible.

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